Jason Davison

...But if you could fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder, and then you... then you got to see something really special... you really don't know?... it was... it was the look on their faces... 


Jason Davison is a London  based magician who has been training for 15 years. He performs magic regularly at Weddings, Business events and social gatherings. He is also an annual performer at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Jason's performances include those at:

  • Edinburgh Frindge Festival
  • Cleveland Table Tennis Association
  • University College Oxford
  • Warwick Economics Summit
  • Warwick Medical Society
  • One World Week
  • Augmented Reality Promotions


Jason has co-writeen a book that teaches aspects of the G.C.S.E. math syllabus using magic, the book can be downloaded here:


He also has worked on the "Manual of Mathematical Magic" project with Matt Parker and Peter McOwan. The project can be viewed here: